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Aladdin Systems Free Services
Free Banners, Build a Free Web Site, International Currency Converter, Free International Advertising and more

Aladdin Systems Free Storage
Store 20 MB of informations for Free here

Brain Bench Certification Services
Register to take over 60 different free skills analysis exams

The Bush-Gore Dance
The race for the Presidency turns into a dance for the Presidency! Something fun while we wait for the Sunshine State!
The Best Place to Find Celebs

The Celebrity Cafe
Interviews with and articles about Music and Entertainment Celebrities, and much more

Movies rated by regular people like us, rather than by movie critics

Cool Site of the Day
This site has been around for years. Submit your site, and if chosen, watch your hits soar!

Compare Prices BEFORE You Buy
Use this handy search facility to find the best price for whatever you're planning to buy.

Dan's Page of Insanity

Easy Type
Free, fun, online typing tutor (screen res must be 800x600)

Freaky Freddies Free Funhouse of Free Stuff
72 categories of free stuff you can choose from

Lists of programs to Surf, Read eMail and send eMail & get paid, etc.

Frisbee Page

The Guru's Dancing Everything Page
If you liked the Hamster Dance, then you're gonna love this page!

I Should Be - "Useless Links"
Talk about good-for-wasting-time's practically impossible to visit these sites for a specific reason. They are all cool in their own, unimportant way and they're definitely worth checking out.

It's Freakin
Tons of links to free stuff, updated daily. Free Banners, Counters, Catalogs, etc.

KNOWLEDGE HOUND - The How-to Hunter
Learn how to do just about anything on line for free

MuseArts Inc - Take a Ride!

Nutty Sites: Crazy, Fun, Stupid, Silly, Wacky Sites

Growing page of Internet shopping links

Spedia's Instant Cash Page
Links to sites with Free Stuff and Cash

The Adventures of Tay-Bear and Jarrod the Frog
A website about the adventures of 2 very special stuffed animals...

The Boogie Blocks Are Here!

The Hampster Dance

The Tofu Olympics
See the little tofu people compete in the Summer Games!

The Twinkies Project
Read all about two college students who did scientific tests on Twinkies

Trivia Wars


Wallace and Gromit

World Birthday Web (WBW)
History answers like you've never heard of

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