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Just a small list of some of our fave bands - we like many more, though, so please keep checking back!

60's Music

420 Station
Songs about Cannabis 24/7!!!

All Music Guide

Posters of everything imaginable

Robert Altman
Classic Rock Concert Photo Gallery

Athenaeum Official Web Site

Beatles Anecdotes
Groove on Favorite Beatles Anecdotes

The Beatles Official Web Site

Beck Official Web Site

The first official Beatles website

Bob Dylan

Classic Rock Photo Gallery
by former Rolling Stone photographer, Robert Altman Center
Your one-stop resource for music technology and how to use it.

Country Joe McDonald

Dave Matthews Band

The Drum Network
Online source to help drummers find out about drums, drum tuning, drum sets, reviews, and more. On-line drumshop, shop for drums on sale or visit "today's lick" for a drum lesson. Free classifieds, quality information and exercises that drummers need.

A local Tulsa indie-rock band. Strong-driving rhythms, and clever lyrics.

Free Music Now
Free sheet music by Will Taylor

Free Music.Org
Free MP3 Music Downloads

Free Sheet Music Online

The Great Society
The first band Grace Slick fronted was The Great Society, which also included Jerry and Darby Slick (the latter wrote "Somebody to Love"). "This band's version of "White Rabbit" is something to cherish."

Hanson Official Web Site

Richie Havens
He opened Woodstock 69!

Head Sounds: Psychedelic Rock

How to Record your own CD

IUMA Independent Underground Music Archives
Discover New Music from Independent Artists

Jellyfish Links Page

Jimi Hendrix Official Site
Offers lots of information on the most innovative electric guitarist of the 1960s, along with news from the Jimi Hendrix estate and official merchandise.

John Cippolina

Joining a Fan Page Jellyfish Tales

Joni Mitchell

Jpop's Jellyfish Page

The Jellyfish Hompage

Jimi Hendrix
A totally awesome tribute to Jimi Hendrix!

All of KCRW's live performances are archived on the station's web site. Nic Harcourt's radio station - they played Loser before anyone else did, and helped Beck get a record contract.

Keep On Truckin' Re-Visited Music Page

KSAN 107.7 - Bay Area Radio - Top 107 Rock Songs of the Millenium

Large Orange
Independent Music Resource from "a very juicy selection of unsigned artists and groups that you need to hear."

Legacy Links
Offers a variety of links to sites dedicated to the classic rock of the 1960s.
The music download directory for MP3s
Listen to thousands of stations, broadcast your own Internet radio station, interact with other listeners, DJs and artists.

Jim Marshall
Rock photographer extraordinaire

Barry Melton
Lead guitarist for Country Joe and the Fish, was quoted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: "San Francisco was like the capital city of the 60s." Now he spends a great deal of time defending the public as a Public Defender in Mendocino County. Grateful Dead Official Home Page

Moby Grape
In early 1967, Moby Grape was one of the most exciting bands on the San Francisco scene. The object of a spirited bidding war between record labels, the Grape ultimately signed with Columbia Records and released their fantastic debut album. So fantastic was this album that Columbia was convinced to put out five singles simultaneously... Then what happened? Was it hype? Was it teenage girls? Was it drugs? Read the Moby Grape story, more realistic than Spinal Tap, and more primeval than the punk bands that would come a decade later.

The Monterey International Pop Music Festival 1967
Photos & commentary from someone who was there!



The Music Festival Home Page from the 60s

Music Hot Bid

The Music of Haight Ashbury in the 60s
Featuring... Music by the Grateful Dead, Original Collages by Alton Kelley, Excerpts from the Haight-Ashbury CD-ROM

Music with a Message
40 most influential songs of the 60s and early 70s

Myriad/Guillion Bros Shareware Site
MulitMedia Programming for Mac/Windows

Nirvana-Grunger's Corner



Phil Ochs

POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire
Everything you want to know about upcoming musical events and tours

Quicksilver Messenger Service

RealAudio Homepage

Rock's Back Pages
The online library of Rock and Roll. Contains in depth information for the rockenthusiast. Impressive "library" of groups for articles ranging from album reviews to general commentary as well as featured stories, or see what's new in rock news.

Rusted Root



Sheet Music Plus
over 300,000 titles. All categories.

The Ultimate Band List
Search for Musical artists on the Web

VillageStreet Music Blvd
features a "SpotLight Artist"that has already achieved critical acclaim but is still obscureto many of us. Offers free email & community w/forums for members, updated music industry news, current MP3 news, listen to featured music, Rolling Stone, Woodstock Radio, great links to deserving sites,free offers and more.

Widspread Panic


Woodstock Nation Online

Woody Guthrie Folk Festival!
Import and rare Videos, Tapes, CDs etc.

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers Fanpage
Dedicated to the Marley family (you know, Bob)

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The Best Herbs on the planet - no sales tax - 25-50% off

Abundant Earth
Environmental Catalog SuperSite - whose goal is to provide links to the highest quality natural products available in order to help make a difference in this world. Many money-saving products, great links page!

American Holistic Medical Association
An organization of licensed physicians who practice holistic medicine. AHMA membership is open to licensed medical doctors (MDs) and doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) from every specialty. Associate membership is also open to those health care practitioners certified, registered, or licensed in the state in which they practice.

Andrew Weil, M.D.
Good information about nutritional supplements and herbs. He also writes an excellent newsletter.

AXIOM - ALOHA - Maui retreat

The Breast Cancer Site

Breitenbush Hot Springs Community & Spiritual Center, Detroit, Oregon
Their focus is on rebuilding the forest in the area after devestating forest practices. "Their are fabulous hotsprings there and pools in circular shapes that give honer to the great Mother."

The Child's Survival Site

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Feminist/visionary/physician with a deep sense of the connection between psychic-emotional and physical health, especially for women.

The CyberSpa
Modern medicine fuses with alternative holistic therapy to revitalize your Mind, Body and Spirit" - focusing on stress assessment and relief. Online meditation, visualization and relaxation techniques.

Earth Island Institute

Ed Blonz
Nutrition scientist and nationally syndicated columnist.

Enlightenment.ComT - "It's an Experience"
This is a site you could fall into and never come out. Please click on the link _What is Enlightenment? _ and find out just what this site is all about - enjoy!


Health World Online
Find a practitioner online

Healthy Healing with Dr. Linda Page
Complete healing and wellness programs, books, videos, newsletter, etc.

Holistic World
The web's largest alternative health, mind body spirit & natural lifestyle directory.

High Priestess Tarot
Online Tarot Card readings (reasonable rates), some free readings, free weekly newsletter, & more


Intentional Communities
The best website that there is for locating communities worldwide.

Kid's Aids Site

The Landmine Site

Layna Berman
Health and fitness consultant Layna Berman has a truly informative weekly show called "Your Own Health and Fitness" on Pacifica radio. I listen to her every week and I always learn something. You can order tapes of Layna's terrific work.

Medicinal Herbs Homepage

Melinda's Heartsong Botanicals
(pretty darned good herbal stuff)

Molly Katzen Online
Author of several of the most acclaimed vegetarian cookbooks available, The Moosewood Cookbook, and other subesquent follow up books, including The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Molly has taken vegetarian cooking to new heights - showing others how to make it look attractive and taste delicious. Beautiful graphics, and a casual feeling make this web site a fun one to vist and explore.


Mystical Planet
A Magickal, Metaphysical Community & Mall - Marketplace and links from the planet's gifts and the environment to spirituality and holistic health. 10% of all sales go to charities that promote planetary healing and world peace

Oceania - The Atlantis Project
The Alternative Directory and Information NewsRoom

Peace and Harmony
Your guide to Holistic and Spiritual Healers, Natural Health Practitioners, and all things New Age related. This is an EXCELLENT site!

Rainbow Family of Living Light Home Page

Rainbow Gathering URL's Green Eggs Report
A list of URLs spotted within alt.gathering.rainbow

Rainforest Action Network

Save The Earth Foundation

SF Bay Area Rainbow Family List

Spirit Web
Join Discussions about various New Age topics.

Sun Angel Joyful Alternatives

A place to discuss the art of gathering and using herbs and plants. Nature Crafting and natural gardening.
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